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Cheese Sauce Recipe

I made cheese sauce after having a fun time at Bobbie Sue's in Toronto last Friday.  This was a fun experience, and never knew that Vegan mac and Cheese can be done as well as this was.  This was really good sauce and yummy tasting too with no hard bits.  The place is a bit of a makeshift but we got to eat in the basement of the place which was unique for me.

I use the recipe from the Simple Vegan Blog which s really great for awesome vegan food.  Below is the photo of my cheese sauce which came out really well.  I just need a bigger blender container when I lots of items going in there.  I wasn't able to use all the veggies but this was still great to make.  My favourite part was using nooch was made me super happy as I have only ever bought that one other time.

My next adventure is trying to find other unique places that have vegan versions of food I liked as a kid.  I want to also explore vegan places across the city again.  If you know of any places in Toronto that I need …

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